About Us…

Hanrine is a family-run Yorkshire business set up by sisters Hannah and Catherine offering practical, unique and colourful log storage solutions.

The idea was born when Catherine was looking for something stylish, colourful and practical to store her fire-side logs in, in her recently decorated lounge. After scrolling through the internet for hours without finding anything suitable, she vented her frustration to her sister Hannah. Hannah, with her background in engineering (and burning desire to please her sister!) sketched some ideas and after a few modifications with the help of their father, "the Dalby" was created. These ideas were brought to life in the workshop and sent to a local powder-coaters to be coloured in 'pearl white' to match Catherine's new lounge. Catherine loved it! Realising that there was a gap in the market and after receiving positive feedback from everyone who saw the holders, Hannah and Catherine decided to set up Hanrine.

There are currently three designs available in over 40 colours. Each product is hand crafted in our workshop in Richmond, Yorkshire.

Please let us know if you have any specific size requirements (or designs of your own) by using the contact information on the home page.

The Process...

With over 40 colours to choose from, powder coated items are more resistant to scratching, fading and wearing than any other finish. The colours are vibrant with a brilliant finish, and being a solvent-free process, powder-coating is environmentally friendly.